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Companies & Designers

Dingo Ate My Productions
Silver Phoenix Entertainment
alentivision Films
Kingdom of Lucerne, LLC
Markland, Inc

Jersey Shore Beauty Academy- A Paul Mitchell Partner School
True Jersey
The Never Stop Project
Jersey Bride (MM#2425437)
Unworked Apparel

Catelyn K. Designs
Mod Ministry Merch


My Stache Magazine- May 2013
The Cat's Meow Magazine- June 201
Oh! My Magazine- June 2013
Goomah Magazine- July 2013
Lush Kittens Pin Up Magazine- July 2013
Peta's Vintage Boutique Issue - July 2013
Gorgeous Freaks- July 2013
Rasputin Magazine- Jan/Feb 201
Lush Kitten Pin Up Magazine- Feb 201
Kittie's Queen Magazine- Feb 2014
Ryze- Up Magazine- March 2014
Kittie's Queen Magazine- March 2014- COVER
FemmeXposure Magazine- May 2014
Bittersweet Beauties- July 201
Peepshow Pinups- September 2014
Vicious Vixens- September 2014
Baba Lou's Beauties- Halloween Edition- October 2014
Gorgeous Freaks Magazine- November 2014
Gorgeous Freaks Magazine- December 2014
Cat's Meow Magazine- March/April 2015
The Pinup Index- Premiere Edition, 2015
Vintage Boudoir Magazine- July 2015

Patriotic Pinup Magazine- August 2015
Pink Elephant Magazine- August 2015
SOUR Magazine- Issue 10
Patriotic Pinup Magazine- August 2015
Dames, Planes and Automobiles- August 2015
Numinous Magazine- Nightmare Edition- October 2015
Heels for Combat Boots- Volume 1- November 2015
Pink Elephant Pinup Magazine- HFCB Edition- November 2015
Howling Woods Farm 2016 Calendar
Sweet & Inked Magazine- March 2016
Numinous Magazine- June 2016
Xpressions Magazine- November 2016
MyAlt Magazine- Premiere Issue, 2017
Xpressions Magazine- March 2017
Numinous Magazine Best Of Edition 2017
Howling Woods Farm 2018 Calendar

Events & Galleries

Garden State Beard and Mustache Competition- Jan 2014
Rutgers University "Objects and Environments" Display - Feb 2014
Ink & Paint Club Burlesque: American Horror Story- Jan 2014
Zydrate Enthusiasts Network: Repo! The Genetic Opera- Feb 2014
Ink & Paint Club Burlesque: Classy as F*** Show- March 2014

AnimeNext- June 201
Ink & Paint Club Burlesque: Fictional Bands- July 2014
Ink & Paint Club Burlesque: Awesome Mix Tape- September 2014
Ink & Paint Club Burlesque- Holiday Show- December 2014

The Black & Blue Revue- March 2015
The Black & Blue Revue- May 2015
The Asbury Park Promenade of Mermaids
NJ Burlesque Showcase- October 2015
Six Flags Great Adventure: Fright Fest- October 2015
Black Hole Burlesque: Feb 2016
Black & Blue Revue at Wicked Faire: February 2016
Friends of Red Jenny Present: Marvel vs. DC Burlesque Showdown: May 2016
A Video Game Con Burlesque Show: September 2016
Double Feature Burlesque: October 2016
NJ Metal Burlesque Show- November 2016
Olive Branch Lodge: Installation Ceremony- December 2016
NJ Burlesque Showcase: Valentine's Edition- February 2017
NJ Metal Burlesque Show - August 2017
Black Hole Burlesque - Get Weird - October 2017

Various Awards

Silver Metal in the SkillsUSA competition
Runner Up in Hallmark Cards Contest- Card still available for purchase