About Kat Lucille Photography

Who am I?
 Hey there! I’m Kat- the owner, founder and brains behind Kat Lucille Photography.  I’m based in Ocean County, NJ and have been living in NJ my entire life. I’ve been involved in various forms of art for as long as I can remember, from chorus and theater to drawing to period re-enactment. I’m an avid reader (I like to call myself a book dragon), music lover and nature baby. If I’m not behind the camera, or with my nose in a book, I’m most likely to be found out wandering in the woods and marveling at nature, or at Howling Woods Farm volunteering with the beloved woofers.

Why do you photograph?

   To put it in one word: Passion! Photography is a passion of mine, not just a “job”. It goes beyond that. Photography has been a way for me to express myself when I fail to in words. Photography is a way to tell a story in another format. Do you remember those picture prompts you would get in school? That’s a big part of what I go for- to make each picture have a story begging to be told, to make you think, or to send a message.

 Photography has helped me come out of my shell, helped form me into the person I am; it has helped me help others. It is always challenging, but also often rewarding. (You can see a whole entry I did on it here.)

What can I expect from you?

A good time! Kat Lucille Photography is a one-woman business, but that doesn’t change the fact that I pour all my energy into making it the best I can for my clients.  From consultation to post production, I make sure you’re a part of the shoot- it’s about you, after all!  I love being able to personalize shoots to best reflect the end goal.  I love exploring new venues, locations and places! Locations such as the woods, parks, abandoned buildings and beaches make up some of my favorite shooting spots, as they offer so much to the shoot itself. However, don't take that to mean that I don't work indoors! I also have a small studio space I call my own in my home for your convenience.  

Inexperienced clientele can benefit from the fact that I have been also modeling for about ten years now, giving me a unique perspective on how the industry works and what goes into the session from all parties involved. I offer pose coaching and wardrobe assistance, as well as industry input for hopeful models.

 I am a strong believer in diversity and that everyone is beautiful as they are- no matter what you feel your “flaws” are. I believe in getting the best image possible in-camera, instead of all post-process. I always say upfront that I am a Photographer, not a Photoshop Artist.

I pride myself on doing everything in my power to make the client as comfortable as possible when working with me. I make it a point to work only to the client's comfort level. I am always honored when a client wishes to push their comfort levels with me to create something truly unique to them. I strongly believe in the photo not looking forced but the model(s) doing what comes naturally to them. I enjoy shooting and I want whoever is working with me to enjoy the shoot as well.